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Comment 2. Spread the Word


These messages by Bertha Dudde are one of the best things you can find on this earth. And when you have discovered this treasure then the wish will awaken in you to also let others have it. I want to offer to you here a way to do this. My proposal is that you simply take over the webpages of this website and also put them in the internet as your own website and with this increase the offer of websites which contain messages by Bertha Dudde. With it you also increase the chances of a surfer to come across the work of Bertha Dudde.

This can be achieved with relatively little effort. You simply load down my webpages and build them into your website or construct an extra website for it.

When you then want to go in for more effort then you could carry out publicity for your site. One way to do this would be to register your website where website addresses are offered. With his you would give to more internet visitors the opportunity to find your website.

To inform me about your URL would be a first step to do publicity for your website, so that I then can list it on my website.

What you also could do to contribute to the spreading of Bertha Dudde’s messages is to translate the material into your language and to publish it and with it to help other people who are able to read your language. In order to make it easier for you to do the work you could take over the settings of this website and would through it save yourself many organisational details. You could also take over my website completely and simply extend it by your language. You could also simply take over my website without adding anything to it.

Such a translation one starts simply by taking a message by Bertha Dudde which has really appealed to one and translates it and with it makes a start. After one has translated one message and has put it into the net, all further translations are then much easier to handle as one now knows the way.

When you have questions let me know about it. I then could answer them and publish the correspondence on my website and with it encourage other readers to also carry out such work.

The great profit for you to get busy with such work is that you then concern yourself quite intensively with the messages and achieve a still greater profit from them than when you just read them.

Also when you just translate one message by Bertha Dudde und publish this in the net, you have done an important work for all who can read this language.

It is a quite simple way to contribute to the spreading of the word.

Bertha Dudde’s message B.D. NR. 7993 of 16. September 1961 Passing On of Prophecies starts as follows: “The prophetic gift burdens you with an obligation: to pass on what has been imparted to the prophet through my spirit.”

Further on in the text we are then called on the following:

„Besides men are not to be affected unprepared by revolutionary events; they are to have time and opportunity to adapt spiritually to them, and above all to just think about the welfare of their soul. And they are also to try to have an effect on their fellow men along the same lines but what they however will only do then when they believe in it themselves, what they have received as spiritual transmission.”

One reason to have as many websites as possible which contain messages by Bertha Dudde is that in the last phase of the end times in which everything of a spiritual nature is persecuted, it is important to have as many as such offers in the web to still make it possible to find the word.

And now follows a complete message from Bertha Dudde:


Spiritual knowledge carries the obligation to pass it on.

3. January 1945. B.D. NR. 3390.

Continually you are instructed so that your knowledge increases, and continually you receive power, which you must use again in spiritual work. And for that reason use this power, by you contributing to the spreading of that what is send to you through spiritual instruction; use it by passing on what you have received yourselves. Spiritual power should never rest, i.e., never is man supposed to remain inactive, who has power at his disposal, and therefore also spiritual power is to be used persistently, otherwise it will be taken away from man, who leaves it lying fallow. But spiritual work is everything what contributes that fellowman becomes knowledgeable. It is of no importance by what means knowledge is now imparted to him; only that it is imparted to him is important. And you have this assignment, you who receive the spiritual good from God, directly or through his tools. Everyone to whom spiritual knowledge is offered, who receives it and lets it become spiritual property through thinking about it, has only then a blessing from it for himself when he passes it on in love. Because when it has become valuable for himself then he is also supposed to let his neighbour have some of it, otherwise self-love is still powerful in him and he will feel little blessing from the favour of God. Spiritual good is to never lie fallow when man does not want to get into danger that it is completely taken away from him. Because this is divine law that he receives who gives, because unselfish neighbourly love is prerequisite that man can receive. He who strives for spiritual truth is to be attentive to his feelings – his desire will be fulfilled, but this carries an obligation to also give to him who demandingly desires truth like him. It further carries an obligation to pass on truth also there where there is still fallacy because truth is to displace fallacy. And that is why a carrier of truth must make an eager effort to carry light everywhere where there is still darkness. And this is spiritual work, which is never ever to be allowed to be turned off when man stands in favour to be instructed out of the spiritual kingdom. Because man is always only the organ of light beings, who want to hand out to all men, especially to those who are entrusted to them, to their care, to spiritual guidance. Only seldom can men hear themselves the fine voice of light beings, and that is why they train their tools, which are now to speak instead of them. And a receiver of light is to never neglect this activity; he is to speak where the opportunity is offered to him; he is to communicate through word and writing; he is to use every day and hour and therefore carry out the work to which he has offered himself to God, and permanent success will be granted to him. He himself will be able to score spiritual successes and likewise also those men who receive spiritually from him. This admonition goes to all who are refreshed at the source of eternal life and fetch power and strength in the divine word. Because everyone stands in a circuit of duties in which he can eagerly work, and he is not to neglect this otherwise he makes himself unworthy to be given truth, which is offered to him from above. Because it is valuable good, and it is to be passed on for the blessing of men, so that the great spiritual misery is removed, which is cause to the spiritual decline of mankind and also results in earthly misery and hardship. Amen. B.D. NR. 3390.


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